Tetrate Istio Distro Partners

Jetstack helps businesses to build and operate modern cloud native infrastructure with Kubernetes. The team have been contributing to the Kubernetes ecosystem since the beginning and started cert-manager as an open source project to improve automation of certificate management within Kubernetes. Cert-manager builds natively on top of the Kubernetes API and has become the de facto solution for issuing and renewing certificates from popular public and private certificate issuers.

Jetstack Secure

Jetstack Secure builds on top of the successful cert-manager open source project, now part of the CNCF Sandbox, to meet the clear need to provide enterprise-grade automation and management of certificates in Kubernetes and OpenShift cloud native environments. It provides full visibility of machine identities across multiple clusters and clouds, providing a detailed view of the cloud native enterprise security posture. Furthermore, it proactively identifies operational issues based on cert-manager instance status and health, as well as insecure X.509 certificate configuration.

Working with the Istio community, Jetstack developed ‘istio-csr’ to integrate Istio directly with cert-manager. This open source integration enables workloads in a mesh to be issued certificates from the wide array of certificate authorities and providers that the cert-manager community supports, including Venafi, Google Certificate Authority Service (CAS) and more.

Jetstack Secure extends istio-csr and provides the ability to use externally issued and managed intermediate CAs for workload signing in the mesh, enabling certificates to be rooted in an enterprise chain of trust, under the control and visibility of InfoSec.