getmesh is an integration and lifecycle management CLI tool that ensures the use of supported and trusted versions of Istio.


  -h, --help                help for getmesh
  -c, --kubeconfig string   Kubernetes configuration file


  • getmesh check-upgrade - Check if there are patches available in the current minor version
  • getmesh config-validate - Validate the current Istio configurations in your cluster
  • getmesh default-hub - Set or Show the default hub passed to “getmesh istioctl install” via “–set hub=” e.g.
  • getmesh fetch - Fetch istioctl of the specified version, flavor and flavor-version available in “getmesh list” command
  • getmesh gen-ca - Generate intermediate CA
  • getmesh istioctl - Execute istioctl with given arguments
  • getmesh list - List available Istio distributions built by Tetrate
  • getmesh prune - Remove specific istioctl installed, or all, except the active one
  • getmesh show - Show fetched Istio versions
  • getmesh switch - Switch the active istioctl to a specified version
  • getmesh version - Show the versions of getmesh cli, running Istiod, Envoy, and the active istioctl